Saturday, October 28, 2017

They're here!

Zene welcomed seven beautiful babies into the world on October 27th, 2017! 

Three girls and four boys -- everyone is happy and healthy!  

Introducing The Goodies: 

Gerdie (F - Coral) - 10.9 oz
Granger (M - Blue/Turquoise) - 13.6 oz
Greer (F - Pink) - 13.4 oz
Garth (M - Green/Blue) - 12.8 oz
Gigi (F - Purple) - 11.9 oz
Griffen (M - Black) - 13.9 oz
Georgie (M - Lt Blue/Purple) - 13.0 oz

The pups were whelped between 3:15-9:15 AM, with a long break in-between the first two. When I called Mary (Teak's owner) midday to let her know the pups had arrived -- she told me she had a dream at 3:20 AM that woke her up and she was up all night thereafter. Goosebumps! 

More photos to come, the Puppy Cam won't be up and running until after the tails and dewclaws are done. Please be patient 😉

And then there were NONE!

Baby Gigi (Purple Girl) stayed at Moonlight Vizslas and became "Emery" and she's exceeded my expectations in every way ....