Saturday, December 2, 2017

Male vs. Female?

Ain't that the truth?!

When dealing with a reputable breeder, its best to be open to a puppy of EITHER sex to get the best match in temperament to your family. People often have a personal preference to the sex of their pet, but Vizslas are not for generalizations. Characteristics such as loyalty, affection, and ease of training (I use that term loosely) are definitely NOT gender specific in this breed. While most people think female dogs are sweeter and calmer and make better companions, quite often in Vizslas it is a male who fits this description best. The male Vizsla is actually the sweeter of the two (and also more "needy"). This makes them easier to train using positive methods. If you get a Vizsla from a reputable breeder, the dog (male or female) should be sweet. However, if the girls are sugar, then the boys are molasses and they "stick" to you like molasses too.  

And then there were NONE!

Baby Gigi (Purple Girl) stayed at Moonlight Vizslas and became "Emery" and she's exceeded my expectations in every way ....