Monday, January 1, 2018

And then there were TWO!

And then there were TWO! Baby Georgie is now “Calvin" (Moonlight's TBD) and living with Braden in Huntington Beach. Calvin is a playful little guy with a handsome and expressive head and fabulous catlike feet (my favorite)!  He has a willingness to please, loves to play fetch and then explore in the yard. We hope he’ll hit the show ring one day, in the meantime he's keeping his first time Vizsla owner occupied. Can’t wait for the next Moonlight Meet-up! Bye Bye Calvin! We will miss you! 😘

And then there were NONE!

Baby Gigi (Purple Girl) stayed at Moonlight Vizslas and became "Emery" and she's exceeded my expectations in every way ....