Friday, November 10, 2017

Puppy Stage : Birth / Neonatal to 2 Weeks

The Goodies are two weeks old today, November 10th!  Here's a recap of their development from birth until now,  they spend  most of their time doing the eat, sleep and repeat routine. 

Puppy Development: Neonatal (Day 1 to 2 weeks)

  • Newborn puppies cannot regulate their body temperature and must be kept warm. If allowed to chill they can develop infections, pneumonia and digestive issues. The temp in the room is set to 76-80F degrees. Puppies were born and spend the first three weeks of their life in a temperature controlled nursery (i.e. spare bedroom). 
  • Their eyes and ears are not open, and they depend upon smell and body temperature to find their mothers to nurse. 
  • They sleep 90% of the time and when awake crawl in a circle, moving their heads from side to side to find their mothers. 
  • It is paramount at this stage that the mother is not stressed so she can focus on the needs of her puppies. As you've seen from the photos (and soon from puppy cam) Zene is a fabulous and experienced mom. She knows it's okay to take a break from the pups to come visit the rest of us (and I encourage that) or take a quick spin outside to burn off some energy/go potty. 
  • Newborn puppies can not relieve themselves on their own. Their mothers have to lick their bottoms to stimulate them to go potty (#1 and #2).

And then there were NONE!

Baby Gigi (Purple Girl) stayed at Moonlight Vizslas and became "Emery" and she's exceeded my expectations in every way ....